Nurturing Wellness, Honoring Culture, Empowering Indigenous Schools.

Our goal is simple yet profound: to integrate the valuable insights of Indigenous cultures with effective mental health strategies to promote healing and growth.

Welcome to Eagle Feather. Our mission is clear: We specialize in enhancing mental health and education in Indigenous schools. By nurturing wellness, honoring culture, and empowering communities, we bring transformative solutions to First Nations schools. Our expertise lies in developing mental health programs, creating culturally-relevant curricula, and providing teacher support through innovative educational strategies.


A Harmonious Blend of Culture & Education

Eagle Feather stands at the intersection of traditional Indigenous knowledge and modern educational practices. We are dedicated to integrating mental wellness into the fabric of Indigenous education. This vision is driven by our founder’s extensive experience in teaching and supporting Indigenous communities in remote areas, combined with an academic background that includes doctoral studies and training in Compassionate Inquiry.

Our Mission

Enriching Schools with Culturally-Informed Mental Health Strategies

Our work is centered around a simple yet profound goal: to enrich Indigenous schools with mental health strategies that resonate with their unique cultural identity. From designing community-driven teacher evaluation tools to implementing mental health curricula and facilitating coaching for educators, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each school and community we partner with.

A Pledge to Indigenous Education & Wellness

At Eagle Feather, we commit to each First Nations school we serve with a promise to respect their cultural heritage while introducing effective, contemporary mental health and educational strategies. Our approach is collaborative and respectful, ensuring that our services not only meet educational standards but also align with the values and practices of Indigenous communities.

Join Us on This Transformative Journey

Explore what Eagle Feather can offer. Whether you’re part of an Indigenous school, a community leader, or an organization focused on Indigenous education, we are here to collaborate and bring about positive change. Together, we can create a future where Indigenous students thrive, supported by education and mental health strategies that are as respectful as they are effective.

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As you aspire to advance your organization's mental health approach, Eagle Feather is ready to join you.