Tailored Educational & Mental Health Services for Indigenous Schools

Mental Health Project Management


We specialize in managing diverse educational portfolios for Indigenous schools, ensuring that each aspect of mental health and educational strategy is thoughtfully integrated.


This includes overseeing project development, curriculum adaptation, and program implementation, all tailored to the unique needs of each school.

Virtual Teacher Training

Professional Development:

Offering training sessions for teachers and educational staff, focusing on incorporating mental health strategies into everyday teaching and school culture.

Coaching for Educators:

Facilitating small group coaching sessions to support teachers in implementing socio-emotional learning examples in their classrooms. 

Innovative Resource Creation

Curriculum Design:

Our expertise in curriculum development focuses on creating educational materials that are both culturally sensitive and effective in promoting mental wellness.

Mental Health Programs:

We design mental health programs that are integrated into the school curriculum, providing students with the knowledge and skills to maintain their mental well-being.


Development and Implementation: Creating community-driven teacher evaluation tools that respect Indigenous methods of teaching and learning, and align with the school’s educational goals and cultural values.

Why Choose Our Services?

Culturally Informed: Our services are deeply informed by our understanding of Indigenous cultures and the unique challenges faced by Indigenous schools.

Experience-Driven: Leveraging our founder’s extensive experience in Indigenous education and mental health, we offer solutions that are practical, innovative, and effective.

Collaborative and Respectful: We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, ensuring that our work is always in harmony with the communities we serve.

Partner with Us

We invite Indigenous schools, educators, and community leaders to partner with us in creating environments where education and mental wellness flourish together. Reach out to Eagle Feather to discuss how we can support your school or community in achieving its mental health and educational goals.

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